Release date: 15 August
Formats: LP + CD + CS + DL

Oscilla is the imagined swing of our imperfect times. The gait of the invisible beast we embody. Flux and formlessness. It represents a new kind of hope. The current constellation of The Observatory are vibrations of shifting rhythms, synth bass space, oscillators and abused guitars. Repetition is at the heart of their riff. Hammering out a certain truth. Noise, rock, and melancholy. A society in tumult, divided. Where new forms of oppression are actively met with new strategies of resistance.


Two years after its last album, veteran Singapore avant rock band The Observatory makes a powerful return to the fray of contemporary music, speaking uncensored truth to obscene power with the conspicuously political Oscilla. Where previous album Catacombs was very much a journey of self -- of madness, corporeality and personal demons -- Oscilla is an expression of collective will and action. Where the former was lined with uncertainty and delusions, the latter is confident and defiant. Oscilla is The Observatory’s call for radical resistance and a politics of autonomous refusal. It offers a tactical ideal for living, where music is a primal and emotive spirit that brings people together and is capable of highlighting social injustice -- areas where contemporary politics has often failed us. - Mark Wong, Ujikaji (from Oscilla’s album liner notes)

Oscilla finds The Observatory in a more forward-leaning and aggressive mode, after the deep darkness and desolation of their previous album Catacombs. It's more immediate and their prog rock influences are more apparent. Observatory just turned on the furnace, we will fry, but that's what we need in 2014. Excellent." - Lasse Marhaug


Music composed and performed by The Observatory
Lyrics by Leslie Low Cheryl Ong – Drums, Percussion Dharma – Guitar Leslie Low – Guitar, Vocal Vivian Wang – Synth Bass, Keys, Percussion Yuen Chee Wai – Synth, Electronics