1. ASK Live At The Substation 2003
2. JOEY by Nick Drake (Cover) Live At Bar None 2003
3. ACID PILLS Demo 2005
4. MY WHOLE LIFE Live In Bangkok SO:ON Festival 2006
6. DEADHEAT Rehearsal 2006
7. INVISIBLE ROOM Demo (Jaws) 2008 Jaws (Begins at 3:54)
8. LOWDOWN Demo 2008
9. BLOOD RISING Live At UCC Theatre HEXA VI 2009
10. THIS SAD SONG Demo 2010
11. One-dimensional One Demo 2011
12. Ends To No Means Goodman Doom Demo 2011
13. Catacombs Demo 2011

Throughout their journey from folk electronica to dark wave, across Bangkok and Bergen, and through multiple line-up changes, The Observatory has never looked back. This audio documentary Anatomicron marks the first ever chronicle of the band’s evolution, tracing their experimental path to revelatory effect.

A collection of unreleased and live material, demos, covers and rarities, Anatomicron’s 13 tracks trace The Observatory's evolution through constantly changing trajectories and terrains. Songs from their five albums are represented here in both embryonic and crystallised forms, with frontman Leslie Low alone on some demos, and the band just jamming in the studio on other tracks with unbridled intensity. Alongside these is the Nick Drake gem “Joey”, captured during a rather noisy bar gig but it's possible to glean The Observatory’s penchant for re-imagined covers. Even an early live recording of “Ask” from one of their first concerts as a 5-piece at The Substation is included. There are a few more surprises. A long forgotten alternative arrangement of “Invisible Room” from Dark Folke, and a very different “Ends To No Means” from more recent times.

A record of places and people as much as music, Anatomicron unsentimentally takes stock of the past, freeing The Observatory to further their expedition in sound and songwriting. Compiled by the band themselves, Anatomicron is digitally released in support of the documentary The Obs: A Documentation, and is available to its crowdfunding contributors. This release is also being realised especially for fans who have followed The Observatory throughout their expansive years.

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