MOE & THE OBSERVATORY Split Single - June 2013

Our new split single is here. Self titled MOE and The Observatory, this split 12" features one single each from both bands. The idea for the split record was conceived last year while on the road together in freezing cold Norway. The tracks featured on this LP have never before been released, and present an interesting insight into both bands' development between albums. Us geezers at The Observatory are elated to have been part of this release with MOE. To great touring memories.

Track list:
Side A - i.i.i. by MOE
Side B - Mankind by The Observatory 

Mixing by Leslie Low and Håvard Skaset. Mastering by James Plotkin.
Design and album art by Lasse Marhaug. Pressed and Printed by Recording Industry on 180g Black Vinyl.

Murphy was right. As luck would have it. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong. MOE and The Observatory would like to humbly apologise for a couple of errors found on this split single of ours. Firstly, the centre labels have been switched and do not correspond to the tracks. Lastly, the record plays at 45rpm, and not at 33rpm, despite what's stated on the label. Which frankly, is a huge bonus, since 45rpm means better sound. All that Murphy has done, shall not, in any way, change or disrupt your listening experience. All things considered, thank you for purchasing this record and we hope you'll enjoy the music.

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