Playfreely IV
Time: Friday, 27th May, 8:30pm
Duration: 3 sets of 20mins
Entry: Entry by donation (minimum $10)
Venue: Black Box, Goddman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Rd

A 6 part series of spontaneous, inventive musical collaboration between musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and genres. Venturing into unfamiliar artistic terrains, Playfreely engages various groups in a collaborative exchange to improvise without any boundaries, to release the shapes that are latent in that unique moment of time … play freely.   



Dominic Wan – acoustic guitar, woodwind

Ty Constant (Ang Mo Faux) – percussion

Tim O’Dwyer (Tim O’Dwyer Trio) – saxophone

Eli (The Psalms) - voice

Susanne Wurmnest – viola, saw

Joyce Teo (BronzAge Gamelan Ensemble) – assorted gamelan instruments


Part IV will be purely acoustic, without any amplification.


When you start to play off the top of your head, that's when the truth is really known about people. - Steve Howe


Presented by The Observatory in partnership with Ujikaji Records.

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