Anitya Showcase by The Observatory featuring Artist Andy Yang for Nokia Blackbox
Time: 7pm - 10pm
Anitya Showcase - 8:30pm
Duration: 45mins
Entry: up to 100 guests for The Obs
Venue: 30 Maxwell Road

As Leslie has headed off to Norway for the Norweigian Seaman's project, Dharma, Evan, Victor and Vivian will be involved in this incarnation of Anitya, once again featuring artist Andy Yang.

For those who are attending, as this is a "by-invitation" event, do mention to the guys at the door that you are there for the Anitya showcase by The Obs featuring Andy Yang. As we are limited to a 100 guests, do go early to catch the showcase!

More on Anitya:

Borrowing from the idea of the Buddhist sand mandala ritual, Anitya is a series showcasing the collaboration between The Observatory and an Artist to explore what develops between music and a non-musical art form in a performance setting.

In this performance, The Observatory and artist Andy Yang enact this ritual with sound and painting. From start to end, the musicians and the artist search for an inter-connectedness and synchronicity in the moment. The boundaries of conventional performance will be tested. There is no script, no rehearsal, and no grand design. Everything is created instantaneously and destroyed as soon as the point of completion is reached.

Audiences will get to see how music and art respond and interact. The Sanskrit word for impermanence, Anitya is about the process, a reflection of the temporal nature of life and art, from inception to expiration. One might experience this mutability in the sounds of The Observatory, arising from a wordless dialogue with the collaborating Artist. Devoid of a definitive conclusion or form, the work of Andy Yang is dynamic and subtle, produced in a manner that places emphasis on the physical act of painting as it connects with the music, evolving intuitively and returning eventually to silence.

Observe an original work in progress, as its purveyors seize combined emotions and capture the atmospheres conjured within a single performance.