Fukushima! (Singapore)
Time: Monday, August 15 ยท 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Duration: 3hrs
Entry: Free
Venue: Blackbox, Goodman Arts Centre

Fukushima, once a quiet rural area in North-East Japan is now world-infamous as the site of possibly the worst human-caused disasters in history. The radioactive pollution continues to this day to spread in our air, water, soil and food. This has forcibly removed around 97,000 people (and counting) from the area, displacing them from their homes to start new lives from scratch.

However, the displacement is not just geographical, but also political and psychological. Fukushima, as a region with its own history and culture, is blindly being ostracized from Japan’s economic activities and being kept off the radar from the general public. Project Fukushima! is an initiative to keep Fukushima alive and connected. This tragic event must be remembered for and used as a stepping point towards a better future.

Fukushima! is a series of simultaneous events happening throughout the world on 15 August. In Singapore, it will happen in Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box, on 15 August, 8pm.

Featuring Hanging Up The Moon, Aya Sekine + Angie Seah, aspidistrafly, Dharma + Shaun Sankaran, Tim O’Dwyer + Ian Woo, Leslie Low + Yuen Chee Wai.