Playfreely I
Time: Friday, April 15
Duration: 8:30pm - 11:30pm
Entry: Entry by Donation ($10 minimum)
Venue: Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre 90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053

As The Obs, we're truly happy to announce our new 6-part series called PLAYFREELY.  The idea is a kind of open-concept jam, a 'playroom' for musicians from different backgrounds and practices, to come together and share in a musical experience. It is not a performance but a get-together, to explore and express through improvisation. We have no idea what... to expect. It may be uncomfortable, unusual, puzzling or simply different. But in carrying out these sessions, we hope to get going a regular platform for music without prejudice, to foster new connections and bring unlikely groups of musicians together to encourage collaboration.


Albert Einstein looked upon improvisation as an emotional and intellectual necessity. (Conversations with Einstein, published 1921).

Darren Moore – drums
Andy Yang – the stick
Reggie Perera – didgeridoo
Misha’al (The Psalms) – bass
Isyraf (The Psalms) – drums
Khairil (The Psalms) – guitar
Az (Stellarium) – guitar
Phid (Stellarium) – guitar
Brennan de Souza (Ara Ophidia) – guitar
Chembai Arun Kumar – veena

Special guests:
MoHa! (Norway)
Horacio Pollard (UK)

A 6 part series of spontaneous, inventive musical collaboration between musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and genres. Venturing into unfamiliar artistic terrains, Playreely engages various groups in a collaborative exchange to improvise without any boundaries, to release the shapes that are latent in that unique moment of time … play freely.

Presented by The Observatory
in partnership with Ujikaji Records

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